Mary Lowe

Welcome to my website

Photo of Mary Lowe
I have revamped my website to make it easier to navigate and more in keeping with my 2016 manifesto.  I hope you find this helpful.

I was first elected back in 1994, and since that time I am extremely grateful and thank the Vale Parishioners who have supported me during the last 22 years/6 elections for allowing me to represent them in the States of Deliberation. It’s been a great honour and privilege to do so.

As the longest serving member of the States of Guernsey, I have the Parliamentary title of ‘Mother of the House’, or more commonly known amongst colleagues as ‘MOTH’.  Should the Bailiff or Deputy Bailiff be unable to preside over the States of Deliberation it would fall to me as the most senior member to do so.

I hope you find the content on the website pages helpful, I’ve covered many issues for your perusal.